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Sichuan Huge Waves Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has a high-quality workforce of employees that have worked and learned with and received a strict training from Fortune 500 enterprises and high-tech enterprises for years and have developed a standardized, professional and series technical style. Relying on its solid professional foundation and nearly 20 years of rich experience, we have provided clients with many quality products and complete solutions and made many old and new users feel our extraordinary design concept. Some of our products have reached international advanced level and won high recognition from users.


The company has operated based on the modern business system, introduced the authorized edition of Kingdee management system, established and perfected rules and regulations with regard to technical development, production, safety and business management, established a management mode suitable for corporate development and put the enterprise under a process management.


The following fields are covered: Far Infrared Oven, Heated Air Circulation Oven,Industrial oven,Curing furnace,Multilayer oven, Touch type heater,Multi-layer touch type heater,PET composite products intelligent production line,LWRT (lightweight reinforced thermoplastics) intelligent production line, GMT (glass mat reinforced thermoplastics) intelligent production line,LFT (long fiber reinforced thermoplastics) intelligent production line, Intelligent heating production line for Automobile carpet, Intelligent heating production line for Automobile ceiling, Intelligent heating production line for automobile wheel cover, Intelligent heating production line for Automotive interior parts,New energy vehicle battery cover and lower shell intelligent production line, SMC composite products intelligent production line,HP-RTM /HP-CRTM composite products intelligent production line,Intelligent heating production line for composite products, Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, Hot plate welding machine,Teflon strip composite machine, Steel strip composite machine, Felt sheet composite machine, Heating equipment supporting automation equipment, Such as truss loading manipulator and frame loading manipulator, Automatic up and down feeding machine, Spreading Machine, Automatic loading and unloading by robot, Gripper, Acupuncture group, Lorry, Air motor return device, Elevation structure etc.


The following industries are involved: Automobile, electric vehicle, auto parts, aerospace, communications, plastics, machinery, non-ferrous metals, military industry, rail transit, chemical industry, agricultural and sideline products, food, biological medicine, hardware tools, powder, construction, sports, instrumentation, electronic appliances, packaging, mineral, textile, ceramic industry, wood etc.


We will usher in a brilliant future with you by adhering to the spirit of integrity, gratitude, innovation and win-win cooperation.

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